SMT Machine - products
I.C.T High Precision SMT PCB Dispensing Machine
I.C.T High Precision Dispensing System
I.C.T Intelligent SMD Component Storage System ISS-2000
I.C.T SMT Intelligent SMD Storage System is an important part of the smart factory.
Automated IC Programming System I.C.T-910
The IC Programming System is a highly efficient, fully automated, intelligent IC programming machine designed for the production of large quantities of electronic products.
I.C.T Online Laser Cutting Solution
Full-automatic SMT Production Line
Full-automatic SMT line, SMT production line, SMT assembly line, with high quality and professional SMT solutions. welcome to contact us and got a good price.
I.C.T X-7900 SMT Offline X-ray Inspection System for PCBs
I.C.T X-7900 electronic semiconductor testing equipment can be used to detect integrated circuit chip semiconductors, such as BGA, IGBT, flip-chip and PCBA component welding.
On-line DIP Selective Wave Soldering Machine
High-efficiency automatic wave soldering, lead-free wave soldering, non-standard wave soldering, to meet different process requirements.
Acrab-350 Wave Soldering Machien for LED Driver Assembly
Wave soldering process is used for mass soldering of electronic components to PCB. Acrab-series lead-free wave soldering machine for LED driver assembly.
Panasonic AM100 SMT Pick and Place Machine
Panasonic's AM100 modular placement SMT pick and place machine features a single head (single beam) capable of placing an impressive component array including: 0402mm to 120x90x28mm.