SMT Machine - products
Acrab-350 Wave Soldering Machien for LED Driver Assembly
Wave soldering process is used for mass soldering of electronic components to PCB. Acrab-series lead-free wave soldering machine for LED driver assembly.
On-line DIP Selective Wave Soldering Machine
High-efficiency automatic wave soldering, lead-free wave soldering, non-standard wave soldering, to meet different process requirements.
Acrab-450 Nitrogen Leadfree Wave Soldering Machine
High cost performance lead-free nitrogen wave soldering machines, PCB wave soldering machine, for LED lamps production line.
High-end Lead-free Wave Soldering Equipment
I.C.T lead-free wave soldering equipment of hot-selling products has always been favored by overseas customers, and we will also provide machine installation and training.
W Series ​Economical Wave Solder Machine
I.C.T wave soldering machine, PCB wave solder machine adopts modular design-perfect combination of standard and non-standard models, complete configuration, simple and convenient maintenance.
Wave Soldering Machine for PCB Assembly
I.C.T wave soldering machine, PCB wave soldering equipments has good performance and received positive feedback from many customers. We also provide very professional overseas after-sales service.
High Capacity Wave Solder Machine
I.C.T is a high-performance wave soldering, lead-free wave soldering equipment manufacturer, providing the best price and best quality and service.
Offline Selective Wave Soldering Equipment
I.C.T Technology has been focusing on SMT equipment for more than 20 years, researching and developing wave soldering and lead-free wave soldering. Free software upgrade.
Wave Soldering Flux Independent Sprayer
I.C.T high-end Wave Soldering Flux Independent Sprayer for LED drive production line. Imported well-known brands of important parts of wave soldering machine.