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Adding PCB Dispenser and SMT Depanelizer to Computer PCBA Production Line
❙ Malta ❙ Cooperation time - 2023 year ❙ Project - Computer PCBA ❙ Solutions - Adding PCB Dispensing Machine and SMT Routing Machine A local computer and motherboard PCBA manufacturer in Malta purchased our SMT Dispensing Machine and PCB Routing Machine to enhance their computer production line. Our engineer Andy visited the customer's factory on May 25 to install, commission, and provide technical support and training. The custom solution seamlessly integrated the machines into the existing production line, meeting the customer's requirements for smooth operation and increased productivity. The equipment was successfully delivered to the customer on May 26, 2023. Unsure about the right solution for your factory setup? Our team of engineers can offer expert recommendations tailored to your needs. phone: +86 13670124230 , email:
Smart Phone Customer
I.C.T Full-auto SMT Production Line Machine for Smart Phone Since 2017 has cooperated with I.C.T team. I.C.T has established the first SMT production line for customers. I.C.T engineers help customers to design, install and train smart phone SMT production line, We also guide customers to complete the batch production of products. The customers recognize the I.C.T team. ❙ Video for Smart Phone SMT Production Line
Poland (BATEKO) - Battery Chargers Customer
❙ Poland BATEKO ❙ Cooperation time - 2018 year ❙ Project - Battery Chargers and Adapters ❙ Solutions - fully automatic SMT Assembly Line SMT Assembly Line: PCB loader, full-auto SMT stencil printer, SMT conveyor, Hanwha pick and place machine SM482 Plus, reflow oven, PCB unloader. This Full-auto SMT Production Line Used to Produce Battery Chargers and Adapters. On Nov 25th, 2019, ETA Engineer Peter Went to Poland to Install and Train the Fully Automatic SMT Production Line. and to Solve Production Problems and Provide Professional Technical Support for Customers. ❙ Customer Feedback and SMT Assembly Line Video