LED Field

Denmark Semi-auto LED Prodcution Line
❙ Denmark ❙ Cooperation time - 2022 year ❙ Project - LED LIGHT SIGNS ❙ Solutions - Semi-auto LED Prodcution Line In 2022, I.C.T successfully delivered a complete semi-auto SMT LED Production Line to a professional manufacturer of waterproof and energy-saving lighting signs in Denmark. The production line included equipment such as a 1.8m semi-auto Solder Paste Printer, high speed LED Pick and Place Machine, 8-zone Reflow Soldering Oven, and 2m SMT Conveyor. After the equipment arrived at the customer's factory, we provided online technical support, and the customer quickly began production and achieved smooth operation. On June 5, 2023, our engineer Andy visited the customer's factory to provide comprehensive SMT technical support. This visit further consolidated and extended our successful case of delivering a complete semi-automatic SMT LED production line in 2022.
LED LENS Project Successfully Delivered- SMT Production Line
LED LENS Project Successfully Delivered In this successful Case, we provided a brand new SMT Production Line tailored specifically for LED lens production to our Malaysian customer. The SMT production line equipment is a comprehensive and efficient solution, including a semi-auto printer, SMT conveyor system, an online LED LENS dispensing machine, a Samsung pick and place machine, a Bowl feeder, a Samsung original feeder, an 8-zone reflow soldering machine, and a cooling conveyor, among other key components. The integration of these devices offers our client a highly intelligent and flexible production line, enabling them to meet the diverse production requirements for different LED lens products. Our expert I.C.T engineer, Lucas, traveled to Malaysia on July 15th to conduct on-site installation and machine debugging, ensuring that the equipment was installed accurately and guaranteeing the smooth operation of the production line. In addition to the machine installation and debugging, Lucas provided comprehensive training to the client's operators, enabling them to proficiently utilize this advanced SMT production line. The training covered equipment operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and other aspects, empowering the client's team to grasp the essentials quickly, ensuring efficient production in the future. As a professional content provider in the SMT industry, I.C.T will continue to offer the highest quality SMT Solutions and services to our global clients. We look forward to collaborating with more clients in the future.
LED Lighting SMT Line in Finland
❙ Finland ❙ Cooperation time - 2023 year ❙ Project - LED Lighting ❙ Solutions - Automatic SMT LED Production Line We have recently successfully delivered an advanced Automatic LED Lighting Production Line to our collaboration partner in Finland. The construction of this LED Production Line includes a series of equipment such as Vacuum SMT Loader, Full-auto SMT Stencil Printer, SAMSUNG Pick and Place Machine, Reflow Soldering Oven,SMT Conveyor and Cooling Vertical PCB Buffer. Our senior SMT engineer traveled to the customer factory on May 11th to oversee the establishment of the new SMT factory and provided professional technical support. The project was completed smoothly on May 24th and is now operating normally. If you also need to establish a factory but are uncertain about the suitable solution for your needs, our team of engineers can provide professional recommendations. You can contact us by phone: +86 13670124230 or directly through email: info@smt11.com ❙ Finland Customer Video
Full-auto LED LENS Production Line in Poland
Full-auto LED LENS Production Line in Poland Lena Lighting S.A., a leading high-quality lighting manufacturer from Poland, is making its mark on 70 markets worldwide. Established in 1989, Lena Lighting S.A. has garnered great appreciation, particularly in Western Europe and the Scandinavian Peninsula, where they are known for their professionalism and high-quality products. In 2021, they partnered with us, ICT, to acquire a fully automated LED lens SMT production line. To meet their specific requirements, our engineers devised a comprehensive plan for Lena Lighting S.A., which includes the installation of the Vacuum Magazine SMT Loader, Full-auto SMT Printer P6561, two SM481Plus Pick and Place Machine, I.C.T. 10 zones Reflow Oven Lyra733, Online SMT SPI, Online Dispensing Machine, Conveyors, and more.
LED Digital Billboards Production Line in U.S
LED Digital Billboards Production Line in U.S In 2017, when CIRRUS built their new factory in New Hampshire, United States, they reached out to our company, ICT. Initially, they purchased some SMT magazines from us. As their market expanded, their needs grew, and they subsequently purchased SMT Handling Machine, traceability devices, and laser marking machines from us. Recently, they placed an order for a PCBA coating production line, which includes the following components: PCB Coating machine, Loader and Unloader, UV Curing Oven, SMT Conveyors, etc. We customized this PCBA coating line specifically for CIRRUS to meet their requirements for high quality, efficiency, and reliability. Our partnership with CIRRUS has always been built on mutual trust and shared growth. We are committed to providing them with advanced solutions and assisting them in maintaining a leading position in the digital billboard industry.
Saudi Arabia - LED Light Customer
SMT PCB Assembly Line with JUKI Chip Mounter - Saudi Arabia Low Cost SMT line, JUKI SMT line, Semi-auto SMT Assembly Line, PCB assembly line, SMD production Line, SMD line, LED production line, with JUKI Chip Mounter, placement speed 19300 CPH. This customer has been working with I.C.T since 2019. The I.C.T professional team has been recognized by customers. In June 2919, I.C.T engineers went to Saudi Arabia to install and train SMT machines for customers and help customers to produce smoothly. ❙ SMT Assembly Line Video
Paris - LED Lights Customer
LED Production Line - Paris Low cost high quality SMT solutions Semi Auto LED Production Line, SMT Line,LED bulb production line, SMD line for LED PCB production. I.C.T can provide different SMT solutions and recommendations to meet customer needs and provide customers with the best SMT Solution and services. ❙ Video for SMT Production Line
Egypt - LED Lights Customer
Hanwha Pick and Place SMT LED Production Line with SMT Printer and Reflow Oven On July 26th, 2019, our engineers have arrived in Egypt to help customers install and training SMT production line and DIP/ THT line machines. Then, our engineers will visit other customers in Egypt. Thank you for your recognition of I.C.T team. High speed SMT line, SMT assembly line, SMT production line, LED production line, LED bulb production line with HANWHA pick and place machine and I.C.T high precision SMT stencil printer and reflow oven. This SMT line and DIP line customer is mainly used to produce LED. I.C.T better SMT solutions, better professional team, better service. ❙ Video for LED Production Line and DIP Line
USA (Green Planet LED) - LED Module Customer
I.C.T USA Customer-Detroit Green Planet LED Semi-auto LED Production Line Our Engineers Went to the US in September to Install, Commission, and Train SMT Line Machine for Customer. One of Our New Customers in 2019, Within a Month, the USA Customer Chose Us and Chose Our Services and Products. ❙ LED Module Production Line
Vietnam - LED Customer
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is the top three LED manufacturers. Since 2015, I.C.T has cooperated with I.C.T team. I.C.T has established the first SMT production line for customers. In 2016, customers continue to cooperate with I.C.T to increase the second SMT production line. The customers mainly produce various LED lights. I.C.T engineers help customers to design, plan, install, operate and train, and guide customers to complete the product. In mass production, the customer accepts the I.C.T team. ❙ Video for LED Light Production Line
Egypt (ELARABY) - LED LENS Customer
I.C.T Egypt Customer - ELARABY Group Nov, 2019 Our Engineer Visited them and do the Trained, Provide Technical Support for Customer. I.C.T High Quality LED LENS Production Line. ❙ Egypt - ELARABY Group Customer Video
Saudi Arabia (Pan Lighting) - LED Lights Customer
Saudi Arabia Customer (Pan Lighting) - I.C.T LED Production Line ❙ Customer - Saudi Arabia - Pan Lighting ❙ Cooperation time - 2018 year ❙ Project - LED Lights ❙ Solutions - semi automatic LED production line and DIP line SMT Line: I.C.T SMT Printer (P12)/ I.C.T 1.5m SMT Conveyor/ Hanwha Pick and Place Machine SM482 Plus/ I.C.T Reflow Oven (E8) I.C.T Engineer Romeo Installed and Commissioned SMT Equipment at the Customer's Factory on December 16, 2019, and Provided Professional Technical Support. Customers Recognize Us and We are Very Professional. This Customer Use LED Production Line to Produce All Kinds of LEDs, Such As Bulb, Tube, Strip, Panel, etc. ❙ Video for LED Production Line