Security and Surveillance Field

Successful Delivery of SMT Production Line in the Greece Security Applications
❙ Greece ❙ Cooperation time - 2022 year ❙ Project - Security Applications ❙ Solutions - Full-auto SMT Line In the field of security applications, an efficient and reliable production line is crucial for manufacturing high-quality products. On June 1, 2023, , we successfully delivered a complete SMT production line to a leading manufacturer of security applications in Greece. This production line includes key equipment such as SMT Loader, Automatic SMT Printer, Hanwha Pick and Place Machine, Reflow Oven, NGOK PCB Unloader. I.C.T provide a comprehensive production solution for the customer.
JUKI Full-auto SMT Line of Kazakhstan Partner
JUKI Full-auto SMT Line of Kazakhstan Partner In 2021, when this customer was planning to expand their factory, they contacted I.C.T. The customer discussed their project with us, which involved the production of communication industry products such as two-way radios and smart GPS wearable devices. Through active communication between our professional engineers and the customer, taking into account their future production capacity, we customized suitable full-automatic JUKI SMT Line and DIP Line for the customer. This included equipment such as solder paste mixer, SMT Stencil Printer, SMT PCB loader/unloader, JUKI Pick and Place Machine, L8 reflow oven, PCB conveyors, DIP insertion line, W2 Wave Soldering Machine, wave loader, wave unloader, belt assembly line, and offline selective soldering machine. In February 2023, our engineers arrived in Kazakhstan to provide comprehensive technical support to the customer.
Smart Home Product Full-auto JUKI SMT Line
Smart Home Product Full-auto JUKI SMT Line In 2018, our Russian client reached out to us for the first time and in 2019, they purchased our full-automatic SMT Production Line and DIP line equipment for educational purposes within their university, aiming to train more SMT engineers. In 2022, after conducting market research in Kazakhstan, they decided to establish a new factory in the region for the production of smart home products. They also approached the I.C.T team to discuss this new case. Considering the client's requirements and future development strategy, we provided them with a turnkey SMT solution tailored specifically to their needs. The equipment includes, but is not limited to, SMT PCB loader unloader, full-auto PCB printer, 2 JUKI RS-1R chip mounter (Double sides), PCB Reflow Oven, PCB conveyor, automatic insertion line, DIP wave soldering machine, wave loader, wave unloader, etc.
Iran - Security Equipment Customer
I.C.T Full-auto SMT Line - Iran I.C.T high speed SMT line, SMT assembly line, SMD line, SMT Production Line, PCB assembly line with good price. I.C.T is the professional SMT solutions provider. It is the famous manufacturer of security equipment in Iran. Since 2018 has cooperated with I.C.T team. I.C.T has established the first full-auto SMT production line for customers. I.C.T engineers help customers to design, install and train SMT production line. I.C.T always provides better service to customers. ❙ SMT Production Line Video
Bulgaria ​(ADITREID) - Camera Customer
❙ Customer - Bulgaria ADITREID LTD. ❙ Cooperation time - 2018 year ❙ Project - Camera ❙ Solutions - Fully automatic SMT production line On December 1st, I.C.T engineer peter installed and trained a fully automatic SMT production line for a Poland customer. On December 2nd, he flew to Bulgaria to install and train a fully automatic SMT production line for the customer ADITREID LTD. and solved the production problem. after the training, the customer invited peter to watch a dance show with local characteristics. thanks very much for customer recognition and hospitality. The machines of this full-auto SMT production line include: solder paste mixer, PCB loader, Full-auto SMT stencil printer, SMT conveyor, Hanwha/Samsung pick and place machine SM482 plus, SMT shuttle conveyor, reflow oven, PCB unloader. ❙ SMT Production Line Video
Russia (University) - Security Industry Customer
❙ Russia Orel State University ❙ Cooperation time - 2018 year ❙ Project - security industry ❙ Solutions - fully automatic SMT production line and DIP line SMT Line: PCB loader, full-auto SMT stencil printer, SMT conveyor, JUKI Pick and Place Machine RS-1, Reflow Oven, PCB unloader. DIP Line: insertion line, wave soldering machine, wave loader and unloader, assembly line. On Nov 19th, 2019, I.C.T engineer Romeo went to Russia to install and train SMT production line and DIP line purchased from I.C.T. and to solve production problems and provide professional technical support for customers. ❙ Video for SMT Production Line and DIP Line