I.C.T Intelligent SMD Component Storage System ISS-2000

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Brief introduction : I.C.T SMT Intelligent SMD Storage System is an important part of the smart factory.

Intelligent SMD Component Storage System ISS-2000

❙ Introdution :

Intelligent SMD Storage System ISS 2000

Intelligent SMD Component Storage System

I.C.T SMT Intelligent SMD Storage System is an important part of the smart factory. 

It is a device that integrates cloud management, intelligent operation, and refined management. It performs efficient component loading/unloading and replenishment through direct processing and batch loading/unloading of reel components, reducing the cumbersome manual management. Greatly improved production efficiency.

Be smart when it comes to SMD storage of your SMD components

❙ Features of Intelligent SMD Storage System:

1. Only the reels you need are unloaded.Direct handling brings a whole new level of efficiency to tasks;

2. Dedicated multifunctional unloading platform, even reels of different sizes can be unloaded; 

3. Direct handling eliminates the need for dedicated storage boxes for reel assemblies and saves the space cost of dedicated storage boxes; 

4. Batch Loading / Handling of up to 33 reels, compared to automatic storage that only loads 1 reel at a time, while loading or unloading components, this time can be effectively used for other tasks; 

5. The Intelligent Storage System's built-in barcode reader automatically scans barcodes on all reels during batch loading. This prevents read errors caused by human error and eliminates the scanning process, making the receiving process more efficient; 

6. Equipped with a temperature and humidity control module, you can choose to control the temperature and humidity inside the Intelligent Storage System 24 hours a day to avoid moisture damage to components; 

7. Time limit management, managing time-limited components to avoid component defects caused by missing the use period; 

8. Multiple uninstall modes, including first-in-first-out mode, prioritizing use based on production date, prioritizing uninstalling based on current use, etc; 

9. "Industry 4.0": Compatible with customers' MES/ERP systems to achieve information sharing and processing.

❙ Smart factory: 

Excellent error-proofing system, intuitive management method, simple operation, intelligent fool-proofing.

Intelligent SMD Storage System


Model Intelligent SMD Storage System
Max reel size (Depending on Configuration) Reel height 7” small 13" wide   15" Wide
32mm - ok ok
Max reel weight 2.0 Kg
Max reel loading/unloading at once cycle 35 (Small Configuration) / 25 (Standard & Mixed Configuration) / 8 (Wide)
Max possible machines to connect 99 *External server PC is required for 4 or more machines connected.
Average time for unloading 15” seconds
Power supply Single phase 110/230V (± 5%), 50/60Hz
Dimensions (Excluding tower signal) Standard (with dehumidifiers) 2715*1620*2450mm
With extension 2715*1620*3200mm
Weight Standard 1565Kg

* Customized mode please contact I.C.T Team.

* I.C.T keeps working on quality and performance,specifications and appearance may be updated without particular notice.

 ❙ FAQ

Q:  What is an Intelligent SMD Component Storage System, and why is it important in electronics manufacturing?

A: An Intelligent SMD Component Storage System is an advanced solution designed to protect and manage Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) in electronics manufacturing.

  1. Q:  How does an Intelligent SMD Component Storage System work?

  2. A: This system employs climate control to maintain ideal temperature and humidity for SMD components.

  3. Q:  What are the benefits of using an Intelligent SMD Component Storage System for electronics manufacturers?

  4. A: Using this system ensures the integrity of SMD components, reducing the risk of defects and enhancing production quality.

  5. It streamlines inventory management, improves manufacturing efficiency, and provides traceability. This is particularly valuable in industries where precision and consistency are essential, such as aerospace, medical devices, and automotive manufacturing.

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I.C.T Intelligent SMD Component Storage System ISS-2000