I.C.T Online Laser Cutting Solution

High-precision PCB Board PCBA Online Laser Cutting Cutter Separator Machine


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1. With automatic focusing function to avoid manual focusing positioning deviation; 

2. The cutting software is easy to learn and comes with graphics editing functions, including inward shrinkage, outward expansion, size modification and adjustment, and graphic editing of cutting points; 

3. With dynamic zoom function: according to the thickness of the customer's product, the number of times of falling layer by layer can be realized when the board is divided, ensuring that the focal length is on the product cutting; 

4. With CCD automatic positioning, automatic calculation of expansion and contraction compensation function; 

5. It has three-color light source, which can be adjusted to accurately identify the PCBA optical point and locate the position of the sub-board; 

6. Equipped with a CCD that can read the QR code alone, to achieve MES data upload 1mm*1mm~6mm*6mm, and the code reading length is 19 digits; 

7. The transmission height of the equipment can be adjusted by 900±50mm, and the track length is preferably 1000mm; 

8. Comes with a laser chiller, equipped with a dust extraction system (automatic vacuum adsorption + laser dust removal); 

9. Equipment running accuracy ±0.005mm, CPK>1.33, sub-board accuracy ±0.025mm, processing capacity T≤1.6mm; 

10. In line with the SMT anti-static standard, the product must be made of anti-static material within 30CM; 

11. The safety door interlocking mechanism is configured, the safety door cannot be opened when the equipment is running, and the equipment cannot be operated after the door is opened. It is equipped with a leakage protector.

Cutting Renderings:

Cutting Renderings.jpg


Item LCO-350
Laser Type Green laser
Laser Power 35W
Platform Range 300*300mm double table
Adapt to Product Thickness (mm) MAX1.5mm
Maximum Speed Of Platform 1000m/s
Maximum Cutting Speed (mm/s) ≥200 mm
Positioning Accuracy ±0.005mm
Repeatability ±0.005mm
Cutting Accuracy ±0.025mm
Power AC220V/50Hz, 3KW
Weight 3200KG
Dimensions L1600*W1300*H1800mm

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I.C.T Online Laser Cutting Solution