I.C.T Technical Support for SMT Reflow Oven in Malaysia
30 July 04

I.C.T Global Technical Support for Customized SMT Reflow Oven in Malaysia

Enhancing Global Operations: I.C.T's Overseas Installation and Training Services

In April 2024, Andy, one of our experienced SMT engineers, traveled to Malaysia to provide installation and training services to a new customer. The customer, a Japanese-owned enterprise specializing in producing control and microcontroller boards for commercial aircraft, had recently acquired a customized I.C.T-T4 SMT Reflow Oven with a 400mm conveyor width from I.C.T.

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Installation Process and Attention to Detail

Upon reaching the customer's factory, Andy promptly inspected the equipment to ensure its top condition. Once satisfied, he began the installation process, meticulously placing the machine in the production workshop and setting up accompanying accessories like UPS and transformers. Clear communication regarding power line usage minimized future complications.

Comprehensive Training and Knowledge Transfer

With the equipment installed, Andy commenced training the client's engineers. Leveraging his expertise, Andy covered all aspects of the SMT equipment, including its principles, software functionality, parameter customization, temperature profiling, troubleshooting, and routine maintenance. Hands-on demonstrations and interactive sessions empowered the engineers with necessary skills.

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Collaborative Learning and Validation

Andy fostered a collaborative environment, addressing queries and concerns, leading to confident engineers adept at operating the equipment. Testing of production products yielded promising results, validating the effectiveness of both the training program and I.C.T's equipment.

Recognition and Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Upon training completion, I.C.T awarded certificates to the engineers, recognizing their proficiency. This gesture underscored I.C.T's commitment to supporting clients. In summary, I.C.T's overseas services demonstrate dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence, empowering clients to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Continued Global Expansion

As I.C.T expands globally, its mission remains providing smart factory solutions and professional services worldwide.

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