ETA High Quality Off-line AOI Machine ETA-V8
ETA high quality SMT AOI, Off-line SMT AOI Machine, PCBA automatic optical inspection equipment, efficient and fast, accurate data, reasonable price, and provide professional solutions
Off-line PCBA AOI Automatic Optical Inspection Machine
ETA off-line PCBA AOI automatic optical inspection machine, SMT AOI, for SMT pre-reflow, post-reflow inline inspection. high efficiency.
SMT AOI PCBA Automatic Inspection System
PCBA SMT AOI offline tester, with ultra-high performance operating system, can quickly measure and detect various defects. 5M pixel intelligent digital industrial camera, 4 color ring LED light,RGB+W.
ETA On-line SMT AOI Machine
ETA high efficiency SMT AOI automatic inspection system, PCBA AOI, used granite platform, greatly improve machine precision and stability.
ETA On-line PCBA AOI Optical Inspection Machine
ETA professional online optical inspection equipment, SMT AOI, PCBA AOI machine, telecentric lens with constant magnification and low distortion response to high component.
SMT AOI Automated Optical Inspection Equipment Manufacturer
ETA provides high-quality SMT AOI automatic optical inspection equipment, online inspection SMT AOI, PCBA AOI machines for SMT production line.
DIP Line Machine ETA On-line AOI
ETA online DIP AOI machine, PCBA automated optical inspection equipments, check for dip components, can quickly and accurately check out PCBA defect, and the automatic positioning ,help DIP wave soldering production automation, improve quality, improve efficiency and reduce the cost.
ETA THT on-line DIP AOI machine, Inspection ability: insufficient, missing part, skewed, billboard ,mounting on side, overturn, wrong part, damaged, float, polarity, etc.
DIP AOI Machine Optical Inspection Machine
ETA high speed online DIP AOI machine, high quality automated optical inspection machine, for THT line.
ETA On-line SMT SPI Solder Paste Inspection Machine
ETA automatic online solder paste inspection equipment, SPI solder paste inspection machine, 3d solder paste thickness tester, high precision and good performance.
Online SPI Solder Paste Inspection Equipment
ETA automatic SPI online solder paste inspection machine SMT SPI Equipment, 3d Solder Paste Inspection machine, used 5.3 million pixel industrial CCD camera, with high-end lens, supports fast and stable detection of 01005 solder paste.
ETA SMT On-line 3D Solder Paste Inspection
ETA on-line solder paste inspection, SPI machine, SPI inspection, SMT SPI used in electronics PCB printed circuit board manufacture and PCB qualify control.