Core team member

SMT solutions

Wang Hongfei

18 years SMT experience, worked as SMT operateor, SMT engineer, SMT manager in BBK company , Coship etc., built many SMT factories, went to Siemens and Yamaha for training. Well experience in SMT.

Zhang Bo

21 years SMT experience,worked as SMT engineer in Motorola(Tianjin China),France Tomson, production manager in Siemens Chips mounter company. Well experience in SMT. Executive member of IPC.

Yu Hui

23 years SMT experience,worked in FOXCONN for 12 years,worked as product manager for JUKI chip shooter for 5 years,well experienced in the management of electronic factory production

Hao Weibin

18 years SMT experience,worked as manager in Shenzhen Huawei and JAPAN Panasonic chip mounter,SMT technology expert


Li Lianshan

16 years SMT and DIP workshop management experience, well proficient in Samsung and Juki Chip mounter,providing after-sale services for aboard clients world-widely

Ding Ping

6 years after-sale service experience in China,4 years global after-sale service,well proficient in SMT equipments.

International trade

Shanny True

11 years inter trade experience,have been working on electronic field. Well experience in consulting ,exportation and after sale support.


9 years sale and after-sale experience,instant response to client for solving any questions.
Attended aboard fairs several times, have wealthy experience of foreign customer reception and Factory inspection.Once worked as interpreter for Siemens.