SMT Factory Three Core Equipment
30 July 04

SMT factory Three Core Equipment

1. Three core equipments of SMT production line (full):

SMT Production Line

The SMT line mainly includes: 3 large core production equipment - solder paste printing machine, placement machine, reflow oven 3 auxiliary testing equipment - SPI, AOI, X-Ray and the most popular SMT first-piece detector.
In the era of more and more intelligent electronic products in the current life, the products that need electronic manufacturing are everywhere. Today, we mainly talks about the three core production equipments and the three auxiliary testing equipments in the SMT electronics manufacturing industry-SPI. The production process and application of AOI, X-Ray and the most popular SMT first-piece detectors in the SMT process. I hope to be helpful to the small partners who are engaged in the SMT manufacturing industry! Thank you!

These devices involve technologies: printing, placement, soldering technology, 2D 3D optics, X-ray inspection technology, and electrical measurement technology. The placement machine is the primary core equipment: it is used to realize high-speed, high-precision, fully automatic placement of components, which is related to the efficiency and precision of the SMT production line. It is the most critical and complicated equipment, and usually accounts for the investment of the entire SMT production line. More than 60%.

The electronics factory SMT workshop introduces a complete set of automation solutions to reduce manual participation and improve product quality and consistency.

Solder paste printing in the SMT process is critical to quality and efficiency!
At present, the Chip parts selected for electronic products tend to be miniaturized and thinned, and the chip wiring pitch and the solder ball diameter are always reduced, which puts higher requirements on the alignment and positioning accuracy of the mounting equipment.

The concept of SMT production line:

SMT surface assembly equipment mainly includes SMT stencil printer, dispensing machine, pick and place machine, reflow oven, wave soldering machine, cleaning equipment, testing equipment and rework equipment. Generally, SMT production lines or production systems are composed of main equipment such as SMT stencil printer, dispensing machine, pick and place machine, reflow oven.

 SMT Production Line Video