SMT Pneumatic Stencil Cleaning Machine ETA-750

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ETA-750 is a pneumatic stencil cleaning machine which used to clean SMT solder paste 

or red glue printing stencil. Famous pneumatic parts,strictly produce process,patented rotation

spray rods guarantee you a high quality stencil cleaning machine. Both solvent and aqueous

detergent can be use in ETA-750.Cleaning result is the same—100% clean.


1.SUS 304 structure,Acid and Alkali corrosion resistance,10 years lifespan.

2.Only driven by compressed air, no use electric power at all.

3.One button easy operation, clean and dry complete automatically.

4.Patent 360°rotation spray rods on both sides, ensure good cleaning quality and stable stencil tension. 5.Liquid recycle use, low consumption.

6.Inner-lock safety door and safety valve, once open, machine will be stopped immediately. 7.3-level precise liquid filtering system.Liquid used repeatedly.

8.Super well-known Pneumatic parts from all over the word manufactures.

9.Modular design, easy maintenance.

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Model ETA-750
Max stencil size
L750 x W750 x H40(mm)
Liquid tank
Clean time
Dry time
Compressed air pressure
Air flow rate
Clean method
360°rotation spray clean + compressed air blow dry
Filter system
20um/5um/1um, 3 level
Machine size
L800 x W950 x H1650(mm)
Machine weight

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SMT Pneumatic Stencil Cleaning Machine ETA-750