ETA SMT Nozzle Cleaning Machine ETA-24/36

Min. Order : 1


Withit special mechanical design,ETA-24 using the hydrodynamic water

 fragmentation,producing very fine

 water mist,with the speed of sound (V = 360m/s) to form a strong momentum jet to the nozzle,

 nozzle for

 cleaning at the top of the formation of a continuous field,crushing the internal surface of the

 dirt (the

 nozzle will not be damaged because of its independent device),during the cleaning process

 the used

 cleaning water (deionized water or distilled water)automatic direct emissions.


1.Clean 24 nozzles in one time, quicker and more efficient

2.Replace traditional manual clean, avoid troubles caused by ultrasonic cleaner, reduce

 rejection rate. 3.To clean the dirt completely which ultrasonic cleaner can not deal with.

4.Cleaning result will not affect by the smaller and smaller nozzle.

5.Thoroughly clean 99% dirt on nozzle, extend the lifespan of nozzle.

6.Protect the coating surface of nozzle and its reflection panel.

7.Never use solvent, only environmentally friendly DI water is enough.

8.Easy operation.

9.Applicable to all kinds of Mounter nozzles, especially on corss, I-shape, odd-shape nozzles.

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ETA SMT Nozzle Cleaning Machine ETA-24/36