ETA SMT Auto Aqueous Stencil Cleaning Machine ETA-800

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ETA-800 is a high quality aqueous detergent stencil cleaning machine which used to clean

 solder paste

stencil, red glue stencil, red glue cooper stencil, mis-print PCB, large size PCBA.

The total process--aqueous detergent clean, water rinse, hot air dry are complete just in one


 chamber. The Unique 4 fixed cleaning spray rods, 4fixed air knives and stencil move back

 and forth

 design makes the machine stable, reliable and super cleaning result.


1.Suitable to clean SMT stencil ,cooper mask, resin mask, misprint PCB and large size PCBA

2.The unique 4 spray rods and 4 air knives fixed and stencil moves clean mechanism, more

 stable. quick

 and efficient to clean remaining solder paste ,red glue and flux on SMT stencil ,cooper mask, 

resin mask, misprint PCB and PCBA.

3.The unique real-time aqueous detergent filtering system is right for precise stencil cleaning.

4.State of the process is visible through a large observation window.

5.Real-time measure DI water resistivity and monitoring cleaning effect.

6.The remaining detergent in the pump and pipes are blown off by compressed air and flow

 back to

 cleaning tank. This function saves detergent up to 50%.

7.Can used as PCBA cleaning machine to clean PCBA up to 800mmx800mm

8.English color touch Panel operational interface, PLC procedure control, cleaner temperature,

 clean time,

 rinse time and rinse times ,clean temperature, hot air dry time and temperature, resistivity 

can be set and monitored as required.

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Model ETA-800
Max stencil size
L800 x W800 x H40(mm)
Liquid tank
Clean time
Wash time 1~3min
Dry time
Rinse times
Clean detergent
Aqueous detergent
Rinse water
DI water(water)open-loop or close-loop
Dry method
High pressure hot air dry
Detergent heat temp
Hot air dry temp
Clean heat power
Rinse heat power
Hot air heat power
Clean/rinse filter
Resistivity range
Machine size

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ETA SMT Auto Aqueous Stencil Cleaning Machine ETA-800